ready to lead the way?

I admit, I am a little behind the times. I have just started to text, I don’t do facebook or twitter, I don’t have Internet access on my phone, my email account is just a few years old as is my first personal computer. Don’t take that wrong, I very much enjoy all of the latest technology and the accoutrement that come with, I am just not usually nowhere near the front of the line. Many of my family and friends are waiting in line the night before just to be one of the first, I say “enjoy!” and sit back, happy to peer over their shoulders for the time being. I will catch up, just a little later. To each his own. Of course being on the forefront of the newest technology  is a definite advantage. Being first allows you to be the one who leads the way, with many who will eagerly follow you, reaping benefits that no one else has touched before. DDA has always been a leader in the business of advertising. Since 1994 we have had innumerable firsts, DDA was one of the first to go totally digital, one of the first search engine optimization companies, one of the first animation studios, the first to meld custom website development with organic search engine optimization with in-house copywriting, created one of the first flash animated interactive games, and the list goes on… check out our ever-growing DDA firsts page. Visit DDA when you are ready to lead the way. Don’t worry about me, I’m right behind you!