Ready to Rock & Roll?

Are you ready to Rock & Roll? Well pretty soon it will be harder than you think — on your portable Apple electronics anyway. What’s the good in having the latest in technological Apple gadgets if you are going to miss out on all the fun that is all over the Internet? Flash is one of the most popular programs used to develop the majority of Flash movies, rotations, features and applications out there, and suddenly we have come to the point where it won’t be able top view some of the best work made since Apple has not enabled Flash to play on the iPad and iPhone. What are we gonna do?

Well, here at DDA, we are already hard at work developing our own AppleSavvy™ division. Here we are handling the conversion and/or redesigning of existing work to be functional on all platforms, and also continuing on to implement these changes into any and all new and current projects such as our virtual medical simulations, 3d animations, medical device animations, animated medical videos, interactive games and medical flash animation. DDA is ready to rock and roll!