Revisit Retro

There are a  lot of references to the past lately. Antiques Roadshow is a popular show in my house, and the look of 60′s retro can be seen in current furniture, commercials and clothing. The Beatles have been very prominent too (not that they have ever gone out of style). The movie “Across the Universe” and a recent Cirque du Soleil show have both revolved around Beatles music , and have brought it to the attention of the newest generation. Some things from the past we are happy to relive, some we are not surprised have resurfaced, and some we are down right shocked that it ever dared to show its ugly face again! But one things is for sure, we can learn from the past- we can learn what works and what definitely does not. This knowledge is important to put to use in advertising and marketing services. DDA is a Pioneer advertising agency with cutting edge designs and innovative style. We will incorporate the latest trends (maybe revisit some great retro styles?) in graphic design, animation, video editing and programming with classic, dependable workmanship to create the best of both worlds into every design.