Ring my bell

My time has recently been spent on working with some old documents.  The task at hand was to create pdf versions of several brochures for a bell company. Sounds simple enough, but of course there is always a catch. It seems that the software that they used was not the most currently used method of choice, and I needed a little crash course to use it. For the most part it was straightforward, but not completely, it still had a few issues. After a mild case of frustration, we ended up reassembling the book in our newer application to resolve all issues, past, present, and future (hopefully). It will be well worth the effort since these brochures will be put onto a CD that will be made available in lieu of a printed document. What a fantastic idea! It is what you might call a win-win situation. For the company, it will save money on printing and mailing, for the customer, they will be able to access info at the click of a button, mouse button that is, and for the earth, it will save trees since there will not be paper wasted on printed brochures that may be outdated before they are used.

Going paperless, or at least less paper, is always a good green idea for everyone. At this point I was happy to know that we have such fantastic graphic artists and proofers! They always work together to make sure everything is perfect. So with a beautiful new CD cover design and all it’s enclosed  amenities, it is ready for the world. Ahhhh, maybe the website will be next……DDA services are so wide and varied that we can provide everything from CD replication to print ad design and website design, complete with custom copywriting and all professional photography services. We also can provide medical website design, medical illustrations, medical video production, and medical IT solutions, not to mention webcasting services and  interactive advertising. DDA rings all the bells!