Roll with the Punches

Busyness and tumult have abounded here this week. After a wonderful long and luxurious holiday weekend, things back here at DDA are doubly busy. There are contractors quickly trying to finish amendments to the buildings insulation, causing a minor upheaval in our normal routine. A few electrical  issues also were uncovered to “shock”one of the contractors. The A/C decided that it no longer wanted to work in the writers area, causing all to run to lower, cooler ground as it hovered around 90º upstairs. Yet, through it all our full service advertising agency has not skipped a beat. These minor inconveniences have not deterred any of our professional staff of advertising copywriters, SEO specialists, graphic design artists, vidoegraphers, animation artists and advanced programmers from completing their tasks. In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, we need to always roll with the punches to be able to accomplish our goals, and keep smiling.