seamless progression

As I come back from a couple of days off, I am  a little bit out of the loop. It’s normal to be a bit out of sorts at first as I adjust back into the routine. After a few updates from our ever-organized Crystal, and I am busily back to where I left off last week. It’s wonderful that things move along so smoothly, transitioning from one to another, one taking up the slack when another person is out. Although my work is easily handled, some of the others take careful coordination to address properly. Since it’s that time of year, every week a different staff member (or 2- or 3) is off enjoying a bit of vacation time. But, it’s all in a normal days cooperation here at DDA. Working together to create a seamless progression is one of the most important things that helps to define DDA as a successful professional advertising agency. Our full service advertising agency provides so many different services, from flash animation and medical video production to medical writing services and commercial script writing, from custom web design and print ad design to advanced programming and Medical IT support, that without careful cooperation and organization, we would be just another struggling ad agency. Enjoy the difference.