snow days

As we enter our extra 6 weeks of winter, we awakened to snow. Just a smattering for us this time, but in a few days there’s a bigger punch planned. This is great news to those winter lovers who can get in a few more weeks of skiing, snowboarding and misc other activities. I have to admit to liking the cold winter days more than the hot sticky summer ones, if only I didn’t have to worry about the treacherous roads. This weekend predicts another foot or so, but at least we will have the weekend to shovel out. The kids will be disappointed that it will not cut into their school schedule this time around, not that there hasn’t already been several snow days called this winter.

Our trusty Search Engine Optimization Specialist is always hit hard whenever even the slightest bit of snow threatens so that schools start late – if at all. But that never stops this search engine marketing firm from taking care of business. There are plenty of helping hands that chip in, as cooperation and coordination are key players  here at DDA Medical.

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