Some of the best things in life are just there without saying.

This sudden oppressive heat wave caught me totally off guard.  My son had long ago planned a camping trip to Virginia for this weekend, my husband just had stone delivered to build a retaining wall around a planned addition to our driveway, then our AC crapped out, and all I wanted was for our little pool to be open.  With my son away, it fell to my husband, who without complaint, had to get and install a new air-conditioner (which the first one was faulty, so we had to go back, and then install-twice), clean and prep the filter and then open the pool, and then continue to build the retaining wall. All this made me realize how much work went on that I do not necessarily see or contribute to. Although there are no shortage of things that are my  responsibility, I had to give props to those that I had taken for granted. We all fall victim to this particular foible at some point in our lives. On any one of DDA’s optimized websites, our search engine optimization that is so very important to rankings on any website that wants to make the first page of a Google search might easily be overlooked. Or the search engine marketing that seems to magically be there for you. Many don’t even realize that there are many keywords that our copywriters build into every page of optimized text. But don’t take these things for granted. Just because you don’t see something happen right in front of your eyes, doesn’t mean that it is not there working hard for you to make things just that much better. Some of the best things in life are just there without saying.