Some things you can always depend on

In a world full of changes, it’s good to know that some things you can always depend on. My day is filled with build-out, changes and updates on many clients websites. For the most part I am perfectly happy to do this all day. (Of course there are always some things that are not as much fun as others) And what I depend on to help me through the day is a a great collaboration of efforts. My job, as minor and as unexciting as it can be, is still an important part of achieving a great result. “Part” being the keyword. A project coordinator lays out out a plan for a client,  then after a graphic designer makes a beautiful template, then I add keyword rich creative copywriting. I depend on the writers to proof all of my work (What would I do without them!). And after some amazing custom programming, and impressive video is incorporated- Voila! a beautiful piece of work is born.  So many different people are involved that all work together cooperatively, and that’s what makes DDA special. We are a full service advertising agency that includes services that you might never see, like search engine optimization that brings you to the top of the google listings. We do it all.