Spirit of Cooperation

Well, today, I want to join in with Jess and Ed Grimly to do the Happy Dance. And I must say that Thursday is undoubtedly the best day of the week here at DDA. (Unless of course it is a holiday weekend-then it’s an extra bonus!) It’s extra happy for me today, as I will be on vacation next week- Yay! Although I will be just hanging out locally, it will be an enjoyable week with friends and family.  The next few months are traditionally vacation time for most, and this is evident here at DDA. We all are trying to schedule times that will not overlap too much. In the spirit of cooperation, we all work to cover all bases while someone is out.  We all wear many hats here, from video production, programming and photography, to graphic design, search engine optimization and copywriting.   Cooperation is something that comes easily to our staff, and sharing and friendship are key elements in the success of all we do.