starship ZOZ

Lately, I have been tied up in a medical website design that includes massive amounts of pictures. It has been like a merry-go-round of matching the placement of pictures from one document to the content on another document to the file that carries the actual high res images. Then taking all this info, attaching the designers creative styling and combining them all into a beautiful website design. Although I am not a fan of viewing medical photography from the inside out, the styling and eye-pleasing graphic design make it an interesting and pleasant view.

Adding search engine optimization will make this site  soar to the stars.  Once again, DDA has accomplished its goal: To design and develop, update and improve, to boldly go where no ad has gone before. Our innovative designs include medical animation, medical video production, advanced programming, medical IT solutions, medical writing services, web design services, custom medical illustrations,  and search marketing solutions.

Join the starship ZOZ as we always move forward to a bigger and brighter future.