stuck in the muck

Catastrophic System Failure. That’s the message I got when I started up my computer the other day. Definitely not the way you want to start your day. This is quite unusual, as I work on a mac and have very few computer-related problems. But a quick check-up (I barely had time to pour a cup of coffee) from our IT support specialist resulted in a smiling, happy, fully-functional computer. It turns out that the failure only pertained to one of my software items, and was a quick and easy fix for someone in-the-know.

Qualified IT support is an important aspect of any competitive company. Poor service can leave you stuck in the muck and you are left helplessly stranded watching all the others pass on by. DDA Medical, a leading medical eLearning platform designer and developer has all the services and qualified staff that you need to create or remake your website and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. From medical video production services, professional photography services, medical writing services, medical website design, to medical training solutions and medical IT solutions, DDA has it all, so you won’t get stuck in the muck.