I have some company at my desk today, it is a well known duck from a well known insurance company. Although he is dressed in his Christmas attire (as a tree to be exact), his presence here not only makes everyone who sees him smile, but also is a recognizable reminder of something important. He is a prime example of a great advertising campaign (unlike the failed campaign mentioned in my previous blog). There can be a fine line between success and failure, but it also can depend on smart business sense.

The choice between amateur and professional can define the answer.Here at DDA, we have had to deal with both aspects within many of our projects. For instance, some clients may forgo our professional copywriting, preferring to apply other means of content. But even small choices can have large rippling effects. Content that isn’t well written, doesn’t keep your interest, and isn’t keyword rich will not create success. DDA’s professional medical video production, medical illustrations, and animations, medical IT services, SEO content writing, and custom website design can make the difference between failure or success!