Take a little Time to Troubleshoot

Today is a troubleshooting day. We all need days to troubleshoot, in our personal lives and professional lives as well. We can stream along merrily on a fast current, getting loads of things accomplished quickly and smoothly for days at a time. But then, there comes a point when we need to pause and take a look back to clean up the little things that may have gone astray along the way. If we don’t, edges will eventually start to unravel and then we find ourselves with a big mess. But if we take a little time to troubleshoot along the way, we can keep things organized and well maintained. At home, this is easier said than done, but at DDA, the support system is indispensable and troubleshooting becomes an easier task. Every person here is more than willing to help out the other at the drop of a hat. It’s that common work ethic that is shared among all of us here. I experience this everyday, especially with Crystal, our project coordinator, Jess, our SEO specialist, and Carrie, our senior graphic designer, and it is always a pleasure to work with them. Today, I got to work with Jake, a videographer, Laurence, our media director, and Andrew, who is both a copywriter and videographer, and of course Indie, our mascot, in the video studio for a bit. This was to set-up and try to troubleshoot before the taping of a new combination live action and animated video has even started. When we all take a little time to troubleshoot, things only get better.