the perfect medical education video

The medical device video shoot for a big client last week yielded a very good day. One of the clients had only just arrived hours before on a flight in from the Netherlands, was in our offices ready to go at 9:30 am, with barely a notice to any jet-lag that must have plagued him. He was accompanied by an associate who had arrived here in the US a few days before, and both were a very pleasant and professional team. Our actor in this video was also pleasant and professional, but also very petite. At 5’1″ and 105 lbs, she was a pixie in scrubs and a lab coat. This brought about a few wardrobe difficulties, not a Janet Jackson level wardrobe malfunction, but a challenge none the less. The DDA animation studio will be careful to size our petite demonstrator in relationship to the machine in the depicted in the animated background that will show off this innovative new medical device and it’s many functions. Our animation artists will create detailed medical illustrations and animations, use close-up views of the animated medical images along with medical flash animation and live-action video to educate, instruct and entertain the viewer, creating the perfect medical education video.