To each his own

As I watched the closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games last night, I was less impressed as I was with the opening ceremonies. The style moved in a much different direction. Last night’s show was more along the lines of a futuristic point of view. Full of metallic spandex, lights and abstract visions- for me, it was a little scary.

As a finale, it was ostentatious and extravagant, as most finales are. It has been estimated that billions of dollars have been spent on this extravaganza. For me, it was a little too over-the-top, but everyone’s taste is different-to each his own.

Many here at DDA lean towards a more conservative, understated style, at least in the office,(at home is another matter) but, we also have the funky stylings of our own graphic designer, Melissa, who at times is aka: the “M-add hatter” or “Pirate M”. So whatever your tastes may be, DDA can satisfy your specific style. We have an array of video production services, programming services, copywriting services, graphic design services, search engine marketing services and advertising services to fill your every need.