trick and treat

Each day is a new learning experience for me. Learning a new trick can be very frustrating, but at the same time, finally working through it can be so very satisfying. Another notch on the belt, however small is no less satisfying. I am happy to be considered competent enough to handle it, and be able to learn from the tweaks and adjustments that come along with the lesson. With such a fantastic supportive staff here at DDA, I know that I can always count on help and advice.

Working collectively is a powerful force in accomplishing the most effective results.There are so many exciting new tricks being used here at DDA, especially in interactive design, such as interactive games, interactive video, interactive learning, interactive tools, and interactive displays, just to name a few. It’s always fascinating to see what’s happening in another department. Sometimes the tricks that I am learning may seem old hat to our innovative, cutting-edge designers, but each new trick for me is still a treat.