Turkey-day fast approaches

As Turkey-day fast approaches, I find myself running in circles, not because I myself feel I am a turkey- but that I may feel almost as crazy as a turkey being chased. I don’t thing turkeys have any idea what is on their agenda (or rather our agenda) but, I feel that time is running a bit short this week. All projects must still continue on schedule despite the extra days off, making for a tighter than normal crunch. It is a trade-off that I am happy to take for a nice long weekend full of some of my favorite food and family.

So as I intently work to complete the medical website build-out, the corporate financial website build-out, and the Industrial products website build-out that our amazing graphic designers and programmers have created, along with my regular daily tasks, plus other changes and various things thrown in arbitrarily, I sometimes feel like that turkey being chased. But I will avoid the axe-man, and will prevail.