USA leads the way

Once again, USA leads the way. The 2010 Olympics are done and the flag has been passed on to the next host country. In the end, the USA has ended up on top of the leader board with the most amount of total medals. The games went off without much controversy, and few injuries despite the odd weather. Overall it was a couple of weeks of fair and friendly competition between top athletes full of good sportsmanship and camaraderie. I love the spirit so well depicted in this Olympic snowball fight coke commercial. But not all shared this feeling, for some it was give me gold or good-bye. Is the ultimate goal to get only the gold? or does quality count? Judges sometimes face grading performances on more than just speed or technical merit. It is important to remember that there is something much deeper that must be considered. Overall depth of content and quality of performance must also be taken into consideration. Sometimes this gets lost in translation. A superficially beautiful product with nothing behind or within it, is just an empty box. DDA knows that it takes more than just a pretty flourish to make a successful program. We understand that it’s the whole package that’s important. We offer a plethora of individual services such as animated medical graphics, medical training videos, medical IT solutions, medical content writing, medical website design, and custom medical illustrations that are individually designed, with quality and consideration. Then combined to create not only a visually beautiful final product, but a carefully crafted quality performance that we are proud to offer up against the best of the competition. USA will always lead the way, because we’ve got it where it counts.