Variety is What Makes the World go ‘Round

Everyone has a story to tell.  I have found that there are as many stories as stars in the sky. And although some stories have similarities, each person has a slightly different point of view. This is evident in even the smallest everyday occurrences. It can be seen in the style of clothing we choose, the food we eat, and our political views. Variety is what makes the world go ’round. If we all were exactly the same, with the same point of view, then we would all be the same boring robots. The most important part of understanding that variety is a good thing is that we need to respect the other alternatives. Just because they are not our own choices, does not mean that they are bad choices, red is not better than blue- it’s just different. We need to appreciate each  thing for its own beauty and contribution. At DDA the websites that are designed are wide and varied.  Each has  a message and has a story that is unique to each persons’ attitude. Our team of graphic designers, animation artists, videographers, copywriters and programmers work to interpret each concept so that it respects each individual point of view, with the beauty and efficiency that is our trademark.