want to compete with the Big Boys?

This morning I was reminded how special DDA is. As I typed up an explanation of the differences and limitations between the cookie-cutter templates available to the average web designing community as a whole, compared to all that DDA offers, I am reminded why we are so much better than the rest. As the person who generally answers the phone, and therefore may have to give a short explanation why we may or may not be the right company for your needs, I can understand that there are many different needs for different situations. But DDA is not your average advertising company and we are certainly NOT cookie-cutter. We take the time to listen and customize to your specific needs, bring your ideas to fruition, and our team of talented artists work to make them even better than you had dreamed, incorporating animation effectsflash videocustom programming, creative copywriting, and illustrations, all incorporated into a beautiful graphic design that can be used in any variety of advertising media. Our web designers can take you a step further into virtual reality, touring your own company or another world, or into an animated medical procedure or medical training video , all complete with medical IT support and solutions. So, while there are plenty of people out there that want just a quick fix and the “same-as-all-the-others” type of work, remember: so-so advertising gets you so-so response, come to DDA if you want to compete with the Big Boys.