Warm fuzzys

There are always lots of new projects going on here at DDA. I like when I can get just a minute or two during the day to see what’s happening in other parts of the building. There are so many things happening at once that I can’t keep track. Earlier this week, Jake was practicing his food photography skills to demonstrate the use of  a client’s packaging product, Rob was making virtual coffee, Laurence and Andrew were on location filming Medical/Dental procedures, Crystal was handling details from a newly live site, Mick is working on a new DDA medical website package offering, and I cannot come close to wrapping my brain around what programming Amy is doing! And that’s only part of the first floor of DDA! Part of my job is to help with the detail and I especially enjoy helping Carrie. She is the lead designer here, and not only is she amazingly talented, but has the patience of a saint.

In between designing at least 10 projects at any one time for DDA, and taking care of her 2 young sons, she still has time to happily field questions, offer advice and teach me something new -not that she is the only person that is great to work with… it ‘s the norm here to be helpful and supportive. It’s a nice warm fuzzy feeling (kinda like Indie) to have such a fantastic crew to work with. The great rapport that is shared is unmatched and it shows in all we do. With the holidays approaching it’s good to remember the true spirit and meaning of the holiday.