Wasted time

The  time you enjoy wasting-
is not wasted time

~Bertrand Russell

Wasted time is a matter of perspective. One person’s form of enjoyment can be very different from another’s — that’s OK — in fact it’s more than OK. For instance, Amy’s love of code programming is amazing. While I can just about keep from drowning, she is having the time of her life — enjoying every moment. Rob and Vinnie can program Flash animation and character animation with attention to the tiniest details out of the pure love of their craft. Crystal as coordinator and estimator can balance 1,000 things at one time and still think — what else can I do? While some of us may enjoy doing some home improvements or more leisurely time with a good book, if we enjoy what we do — then who’s to say that it’s time wasted? Whether it’s at work or at home — we should enjoy things that make us happy.