we don’t need no stinkin’ templates!

It’s a tough concept. It makes many clients stop dead in their tracks and you can just feel the knitted eyebrows and mouths drop open – speechless – on the other end of the phone. The conversation resumes, fumbling slightly as the concept starts to sink in. You can hear the tone change as the person comes to the realization that they can have whatever they want… custom order… yes I said custom-made. It suddenly opens a myriad of doors that were not visible before. We have an all in-house staff of talented graphic artists, amazing copywriters, mind-boggling programmers, super-efficient coordinators and search optimization specialists, not to mention the full video studio, complete with videographers, animators and flash programmers. With this much talent under one roof- who needs templates? We don’t need no stinkin’ templates! Templates are for amateurs. DDA is a full service advertising agency that is staffed with degreed professionals that are here to turn your wishes into a custom-made reality. Really! It’s our pleasure!