when it rains – it pours

Of late, my days have been filled with a steady flow of work. It is a constant stream of  various tasks, working on many different websites, handling updates and revisions, some large, some small, but always steady. But just in the past week or 2, things seem to have log-jammed. Suddenly projects that have been on hold for one reason or another, have suddenly come to fruition- with a vengeance. And it seems that they all have the same due date – now! I am fine with working on a tight deadline, but when they are all due tomorrow, it is a little maddening! Luckily we have the most amazing project coordinators, programmers and graphic designers to help things run smooth and organized, proofing and satisfying both client and design to get things done right and on time, on every project here at DDA–our full service advertising agency.