who knows what the future holds

This past weekend marked my 8th year participating in the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life”. It is a fundraising event full of music and memories, laughter and tears, thankfulness and appreciation. The idea behind the 24-hour non-stop relay is that cancer never sleeps, and neither should our fight. The event consists of lots of friendly competition between teams that try to have the best fundraisers, decorations, and raise the most amount of money.  It is a grueling weekend that officially starts at 11am on Saturday and concludes at 11am Sunday, but in reality, set-up starts Friday afternoon and breakdown ends Sunday afternoon (not to mention all that goes on throughout the year). During the official 24-hour time period, at least one person from each team must be walking, running, skipping, or sometimes leap-frogging and cart-wheeling on a track (thankfully Bensalem HS lends us the use of their track field and facilities) and a baton is passed from member to member. Along with one of the 2 captains of the team. My shift is mainly the midnight to 6am shift. This is quiet time, so the DJ has gone home to his nice soft bed and we are left to Ipods and sleep deprived silliness for entertainment. It is a cause that is well worth the muscle aches and brain-fog that fill the next few days.

This morning, as almost every muscle in my body aches each time I move, I wonder how it would be if DDA were to create a virtual reality version of this fundraiser. What a great way to reach out to so many people that love interactive games. An interactive website allows anyone from the comfort of their computer to participate, who may not be able in any other way, while avatars could run around a virtual track. It could include interactive advertising, educational interactive quizzes, interactive tools, and even interactive blogs to help those who need support and education. Or maybe a combination of interactive services along with a live webcast of the physical event streaming live simultaneously. How great would that be? It certainly would save me a few Advils, but for now, we will have to stick to the good old fashioned way… but who knows what the future holds.