your prerogative

It’s that time of year. There’s a chill In the air, the sun is making itself scarce, and thoughts and malls have turned their direction toward Christmas and the holidays. The golden glitter and happy decor is meant to cheer us as we move towards more of a hibernation state for the coming winter months. But in too many ways, it makes me a little panicky.

I am not the one who is ready long before Thanksgiving, but I am also not shopping on the 24th. The TV is heavy with ad campaigns pushing the latest toys and electronics, cds and dvds, and Santa is already seated in his red velvet mall throne taking requests. So, I have officially started my holiday shopping (in my mind anyway). My mind has taken me to one of almost every woman’s favorite places, a jewelry store. Now this is a very special store, because it shows in almost intimate detail, a mind boggling variety of chains and charms, and it’s all online.

I have already created the perfect present using the extraordinary bracelet builder feature that allows me to put together any number of combinations, and as is a woman’s prerogative, change it… again… and again, depending on my mood and my budget. Well, now that I have picked out my present, I guess I will move on to the rest of my list.

DDA’s outstanding programming services create jaw-dropping functionality. Each operation is so smooth and easy to use that it would be easy to take for granted the intricacy of the code programming that is behind each move and function. Our advanced programming goes into each web-based project that is produced here, always supporting the beautiful custom web design, the optional flash video or web animation.

Choose the best, choose DDA, it’s your prerogative.