Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Got a fortune cookie after dinner last week that said the following:

Lucky numbers 19, 10, 36, 50, 1, 49 – ok so maybe I should have played them, but I didn’t.

On the other side it said:

Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.

Not only do I agree, and wish there was more of both in Washington, from both parties, but, these short pearls of wisdom resonate perfectly with what we perceive DDA’s role is vis-a-vis clients and colleagues.

DDA and DDA Medical mange our client’s marketing efforts, their websites, eLearning platforms, CMEs, eCommerce initiatives, animation and writing projects, intellectual property, digital assets and perhaps most importantly, their brand.

We build, scale, grow, their online corporate or medical presence.  We engage their trainees, their clinicians, their prospects and customers, their colleagues and supporters.  We help them manage, advise them on best management practices and make sure all is smooth, transparent, and calm.

DDA and DDA Medical also lead. Our industry with innovation. Our clients with good, objective advice. Ourselves with knowledge and growth and passion.

DDA and DDA Medical, doing things right and doing the right things.