A Busy Day

Today is very busy. We are often contacted by clients with last minute requests. This morning, I completed one of those requests for a new sell sheet and and a revised sell sheet. I just emailed the files to the client, 20 minutes before his trade show opening.

Clients know they can rely on us to meet their deadlines, which is probably one of their greatest needs when they are under pressure to get everything together before a trade show. We can be relied on to create the design on time, offer solutions along the way, provide accurate proofing, and coordinate with specialty printing vendors across the nation.

Luckily, at DDA we rely on each other to even out our tasks, and so I was able to give Crystal press releases to add to a website, and Melissa helped out creating some beautiful cart buttons for another website.

If the office dog, Indie, were here today I’m sure he’d help out too, by reminding me to keep lunch an important priority as well.