A Few Choices Stand Out

On an intuitive level, it makes sense that too many choices are overwhelming. This is why when we offer concept designs to a client, we try to present several distinct designs, but not too many, and not too few. That makes it easier for the client to respond without feeling overwhelmed.

Personally, even though I know am bombarded with advertisements all day, I don’t feel overwhelmed because I automatically filter out much of it. A few stand out because I’m interested in that product or service at the time, or because I find them creative or funny. All of the other advertisements seem to go unnoticed, but, underneath my awareness, they are conditioning my preferences, as they are conditioning all of our preferences. This isn’t always a good thing.

For example, take web templates. The Internet is full of websites that are created with templates, and some clients become conditioned to think that a template look is professional. DDA never use templates, so our website designs stand out from the rest. This surprises some clients, and for lack of familiarity with design language, instead of describing what they want like “I’d like to see more contrast, a more integrated composition, and layered images,” they will usually say they want a more “professional” website.

DDA encourages feedback and we often adjust designs to better fit a client’s need or aesthetic preference, but we take exception when we feel a client wants something more templately. We encourage them to discard the idea that a template is good and think about their website in a different way.

Most clients trust DDA’s expertise and quickly become receptive to the idea of a unique website, and are very satisfied in the end. I hope that DDA helps decondition people against ordinary website design!