A Place To Drink It All In

I like going to Bigbucks… oops, I mean Starbucks. I like going not only for the coffee, but for the interior design. Waiting for my latte isn’t bad when I’m surrounded by warm, cinnamon colors and playful collages on the wall. I always check out the tri-fold pamphlets and logos for their new products.

One exception is a painting in the University City Starbuck’s cafe. The idea is good — it hangs on the wall right by the area where you wait to get your coffee. It’s a little story you can read while you are waiting. It looks OK — text painted on a dark blue background, which creates a pleasing texture. But the story is incredibly boring and poorly written, which is a let down after reading the whole thing and hoping something interesting will come up. But I find this piece of artwork is the exception.

Sure, I like to rebel against spending so much. I love Starbuck’s molasses cookies, which are soft like sugar cookies, but they are rarely available, and not even a penny discount is given for buying them in a bulk pack of 8 instead of individually. So, I searched the Internet and found several recipes to help me successfully duplicate them.

I just tried their new drink, the Vivanno. It was good, similar to what I’ve made at home. Bananas make anything taste good. But what I really loved was the logo. The words are simple and clean, which makes the flourished v stand out beautifully. The v has a teardrop shaped serif added to one end, and then three teardrops blossom above it. It looks a little like a cup (the V shape) with liquid coming out, and a leaf (which goes with their claim that it’s healthy), and a springy person. The logo masterfully combines all of the elements that convey what the product is about: a person drinking something healthy.