A Website That Is Out Of The Box

I’m thrilled when clients choose my favorite concept, if I  have a favorite one. But we seldom try to sway a client to choose one concept over another. That just happened when we received the go-ahead on a website design I mentioned earlier, where a 3-D product box will morph into a flat website, with the box design turning into web elements. I like the design because it’s simple and fun. An animated ribbon will turn into people in different positions, and the simple background will allow this element to be the focus. The string will also be used by DDA’s animators to create a Flash presentation showing how the product works.

After working on the inside page design, we decided it was a little too plain, so to add more interest, David suggested an animated header, that will be drawn like a string. I researched different fonts to use as a reference for this idea, and found one that looks like a perfect cross between a ribbon and their logo font. I’ll use that as a basis to recreate the font, making adjustments so it looks specially designed just for the website. The font research was easy using Veer.com’s Flont program, which displays any phrase  you choose in all of the fonts available on the website.

We will also have a shopping cart on the website. DDA is well-versed in multiple ecommerce solutions that are customizable for a client’s specific needs. We’ve created cart systems that the client can update themselves, and other carts that we help maintain.