Acronym Logos

Today I am finishing several versions of a logo that forms an acronym. I love working with acronym logos, because they allow me to focus on the shapes of the letters as part of the design. Just take a look at what we’ve done with our logo, Dynamic Digital Advertising (dda),  made appropriately out of zeros and ones. Or look at one of our subdivision logos, ddavideo. to see more


Looking through company names in my email box, I notice that about 1/4 of the them are acronyms. Maybe this is a sign of the times, to package more information in a simple to remember, catchy phrase. Historically (that’s recent, as of 1943 when Bell Laboratories coined the word acronym), acronyms were limited to letters that would result in a pronounceable “word”. As the popularity of acronyms has increased, that limitation has stretched so that unpronounceable words like .jpg and sql are made pronounceable when spoken, and then stretched again to acronyms that are simply spelled out when spoken (like dda). 


Some acronyms just beg to be had fun with. Like SPAM (something posing as meat, stuff, pork, and ham, or spare parts animal meat).


Just like the availability of SPAM, I can’t get enough of this game, and I want to try it with DDA. Here goes:

daily digital apothecary

deliberating doodlers anonymous

david-driven activities

dramatically different alternatives

defeating distasteful art

designing delicious aesthetics


Whew! this was harder than expected; and now I am:

desiring different acronyms