Always In Training

My first month at DDA, my officemate was in the middle of redesigning a website for a local company.

We’ve continually made updates to the website over time, and they have been happy with the design and functionality, but now four and a half years later, the company is ready for a redesign again, which I will be doing. They’ve expanded their product line, and want to emphasize that and make some changes that will help their customers and clients find what they need on the website without having to make a phone call.

Since the last time, screen sizes have increased, so the new website will be larger. Websites now also look a little different than several years ago, and the new website will reflect those changes too. Larger screen sizes allow a more open look, more room for a dramatic beauty shot, and more room for larger blocks of text. I’m anticipating that screen sizes will once again increase over the following years, but I’m guessing there may be a limit to that trend because people will want screens in proportion to their own body size, or their desk/wall size. It’s hard to imagine that the laptop size will become outdated, since it would be hard to carry around anything larger.

This is usually just part of the process for any company over time. We are constantly updating DDA’s website, always in training, keeping our Internet muscles in shape. I just wish that eating more food were part of this equation, but I will need to get an under desk bicycle for that.