Clarifying Questions For The Design Process

One crucial part of the design process is clarifying what is important to the client. Since there may be many factors to consider in a limited time, it is necessary to find out what to focus on, or to suggest a particular direction. This is often part of what internal and client meetings are about at DDA, and invariably we come out of our 30-minute meetings with crucial information and new ideas.For example, consider logo design. These are a few questions we might ask ourselves and the client:

  • Are there company colors that need to be integrated into the logo? What other literature exists and how will the logo work with and existing brochure, website, or other promotional material? Is there a company font?
  • What does the company do? What do they want to convey?
  • Are there any sub-companies or parent companies that the logo needs to work with?
  • Should the logo be illustrative or abstract?
  • Should the primary logo be four-color?
  • What message do competitors’ logos convey?
  • Should a tagline be used?

These are some good questions to start off with, but the list can easily grow during discussions.