DDA (diversity dda attracts)

The three projects I have have on my list today are a good example of the diversity nature of the projects DDA attracts.

They are three small websites. The first one is for an emergency medical hospital — it may be small, but it’s full of big website features such as a video and a custom designed counter showing the number of patients being treated each day. DDA’s video team traveled to New York to videotape interviews with doctors, staff, and patients. The focus of the website is patient satisfaction, and so, in addition to the video, it features a satisfaction survey and patient testimonials. They plan to have the same video playing in the hospital, and since the video has design elements incorporated into it from the website, this will reinforce the company’s identity. The look is professional and modern.

The second e-commerce website is a cart for safety vests, and will be editable by the client. He wanted a more custom look than the avearage website, and it features rotating flash images showing people in different professions wearing safety vests.

The third is for for frozen dog treats, so it’s fun and playful.

It’s never boring here at DDA because of the diverse projects!