De-phi-ning Beauty

The golden mean, represented by the Greek letter Phi, is a number (1.618…) that appears regularly in man-made creations that conform to our perception of beauty. It appears in living things, and is reflected in their growth patterns.

This fibonacci spiral below is a visual representation of a series of numbers (the Fibonacci sequence) approximating Phi.

That the Golden Mean shows up in everything beautiful and living is so intriguing that some people speculate Google uses an algorithm based on it for search engine optimization. This is based on the idea that organic SEO would reflect the number Phi, just like the natural growth patterns of plants and animals do.

Just for entertainment, I’d like to have a golden mean analyzer on my computer. I’d run my favorite graphic designs through it as a beauty barometer, to see if they approximate Phi. But until that application is invented, I’ll just use my eye. Try using yours — take a look at DDA’s portfolio, and see what you think!