Designing Around A Slogan

I just returned from a trip to Sweden and Norway. We were struck by the 36-year-old slogan for Carlsberg beer, “Probably the best beer in the world”. As old as the slogan is, it’s not an approach we see often in the U.S. We tried to decide whether the effect was meant to be humble or egalitarian. We speculated that residents of the small, remote hamlet-sized towns we trained through would find a more confident slogan boastingly offensive. Maybe Carlsberg drinkers are above keeping up with the Joneses. They don’t want the fastest, smoothest, most powerful, heady promises to distract them from what’s really important. Or maybe, they just have a sense of humor.

At DDA, our first focus is often on a slogan or a catchy headline — from there, the design and content easily follows. This is the case whether the project is a website, trade ad, brochure, or animation. The slogan, tagline, or header gives direction and tone. Clients are often given more than one creative alternative. Once a theme is decided on, we carry it through to related projects for the same client. Check out some of these marketing themes we have developed by visiting one of our portfolios such as our trade show graphic portfolio or print portfolio, and then click on the pink “related projects” button.