Finding Information On The Web Without Good Optimization Stinks

Last week I smelled a stink bug for the first time. I’ve had them in my apartment for years, but never smelled one. Usually I catch them and throw them outside. One was clumsily flying around my head, making its characteristic clacking noise, and it landed somewhere near me. Although they usually don’t bother me, since they aren’t scary looking and seem friendly, but imagining it might have landed in my hair, stressed me out enough that I started to sweat, and immediately the bug released its stink. I have flung those bugs away from me, caught them, and run water on them, but maybe they were just too relaxed in their hibernation mode to react. Intrigued that the bug may have actually responded to my stress by getting stressed itself, I started searching for more information on stink bugs through Google. I found out the kind of bug I have — the brown marmorated stink bug — was recently introduced to the United States from Asia, and that they have no natural predators here. They may have worked hard in Asia, but every stink bug I’ve seen in my apartment lives the life of luxury, lying around all day.

Worried that they might be pooping in my apartment, like other pests can, I Google “stink bug excretion”. Hmm, nothing. Then “stink bug poop”, and I only got results that described their smell as something resembling poop. Hmm, maybe they save up all of their poop until they are aggravated, and that’s why they smell so bad. I tried “stink bug urine”, “stink bug feces”, “stink bug”, “stink bug digestion”, and “beetle excretion”. So far, I have not been able to find out how stink bugs excrete, even though there are hundreds of websites about stink bugs.

This would not happen if DDA created a website on stinkbugs, because Jessica, our search engine specialist, would do keyword research and find that there were hundreds of searches on stink bug excretion last week, and know that “excretion” and “poop” were vital optimization words to include in the website. And she would also know to associate “poop” with the word excretion and not with the word smell. DDA’s website would literally be one out of probably thousands with this vital information, which is why DDA was voted one of the ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the United States in 2008.