Get Animated To Have More Fun!

Halloween is approaching, and there is talk of dressing up at work. Or, maybe I should say, there is actually the expectation to dress up for Halloween. Whatever I wear, I want to be comfortable, so I can eat all of the candy, cakes, and pies that we have been prompted to bring in. I also think that my costume will be interactive. The most fun I’ve had at Halloween has been because my costume came alive with  a little bit of acting. One costume I created was fairly camouflaged, until I held out my arm, which had golden strings attached to my ankle. When I started playing the strings with my other hand, it was clear I was a human harp. It wasn’t easy to commit to only singing all Halloween, but it was harder for my cohort, who was a monk taking a vow of silence.

Another Halloween I was a jellyfish, and my long shimmering bubblewrap tentacles were ready to twirl and sting at the slightest provocation, or do the jellyfish dance.

Websites and CD-ROMs can also be more fun with a little interactive action. A little interaction can be all it takes to give a website or CD-ROM sophisticated polish and interest. One reason I love making designs for CD-ROMs, is that I know when I hand if over to DDA’s animators, they will do something beautiful and unexpected to enhance it, like making a ball-shaped logo spin, or creating a cool rollover effect. Take a look at dda’s CD-ROM/DVD portfolio to see some examples, or check out DDA’s website flash portfolio.