Goals, Ideas, Solutions, Process

I am trying out a more advanced cell phone this week, and have found myself making a list of options that I think should be in the phone, but aren’t, or I can’t find them. I want to make sure I’m past the learning curve before I have the option of exchanging it. To me, visual voicemail seems like the most obvious feature a cell phone should have, and T-Mobile will have this capability soon, as they catch up to demanding people like me. Having a cell phone with that feature will probably feel like the first time I got a car with a cupholder. Even though my cupholder obstructs my radio, I appreciate it more than any other feature, except for heated seats in the winter, if I could have those.

We often go through a learning curve along with clients with new projects as well. It’s a natural process, as clients review what we’ve done, and then decide to add features, make edits, or take a different direction. Sometimes a client will have an end goal in mind, but asks DDA to come up with the solution from scratch. Seeing a real solution then helps them decide what they like and don’t like, and the process moves on. Just like the audience our clients want to reach, they know what they want, but visualizing it helps clarify the specifics.

This just happened this week when DDA was approached about creating a flash tutorial for upside-down mortgages. It will be placed on the client’s website. Toni, one of our writers, came up with an idea, and we refined the specifics in an internal meeting. I took the idea and added visual elements and a catchy headline to it. Then we reviewed the result, made edits, and then sent the storyboard along to the client. After reviewing it, the client expressed that they want a video spokesperson to walk the visitor through the tutorial. We responded with another suggestion that would accommodate this request yet stay within the limited budget initially proposed. I’m looking forward to the end solution, whatever turns we will take because, based on what we have so far, it will be a creative, fun process, and a very effective solution for the goal.