Going With The Flow

In the last week we just made a new medical website live. The first part of the product launch happened several months ago, and the second part, geared toward customers, launched this week. The second part was supposed to be an expansion of the first, with the same look, but we ended up redesigning the whole look based on input from new people on board on the client’s end. I was initially reluctant to let go of the old design — it is so satisfying to decide on a design, follow through on it, and make it work! But now that the new look is refined, I’m very happy with it. While we have opinions about what direction to go at DDA, we’re also flexible and able to move with changes that our clients undergo, and thus support their goals over time.

The website is chock full of examples of the diverse services DDA offers clients, including illustration, videodigital audio2D flash animation, and website metrics!