Harold And The Purple Crayon, Reinvented

Today I’m excited to work on an unusual website concept. It’s unusual because of the way we envision the intro page unfolding as a flash design, the color, and the product. If our concept is accepted, a three-dimensional product package will fill the web screen, and then morph into a solid background, the same dark blue as the package design, with the website layout and navigation reflecting the package design in 2D form.

The package design is beautiful, with a playful ribbon running across the bottom, looping around into forms suggestive of two people. The majority of websites DDA creates have light backgrounds, so it is satisfying to use a rich, dark background for a change of pace.

We want to animate the ribbon, which I think will stand out beautifully against the clean website design. I think it will be very modern, like a lot of T.V. commercials that are popular now, showing creative, morphing, animated illustrations. This technique may harken back to Harold and the Purple Crayon, but it’s still very fresh and offers an unexpected element for viewers.

I think this website has the potential to be an effective (no, captivating) marketing and advertising tool for the client, and that it will greatly reinforce its product image. The words playful and professional come to mind, both very important qualities when it comes to marketing condoms!

Lastly, I hope I will have fun intriguing some of my less web- and design- enthusiastic friends by telling them about this project!