Harold Trades In His Purple Crayon For A Photoshop Brush

Yesterday I felt satisfied to finish the website concept design I mentioned in my previous blog. It is very clean, subtly lined up in a grid. I posted the concepts for internal review, and David responded by asking me to create an additional version that is less simple and richer, and add a few more specific design elements that frankly, I am unsure will work.

I take his feedback to mean that I will create a more layered, textural look, perhaps using more gradients, contrast, and subtle shadows. For this website version, Harold must trade in his purple crayon for a more sophisticated Photoshop brush, and create an alternative world.

My first reaction to David’s request is familiar… a slight let-down that my first design might not be enough, combined with an excitement that I can push it to another level or create an interesting alternative design.

Carrie also gave me the feedback that one of the main menu links (Home Page) could be moved to the utility menu, which I was debating doing myself. After discussing it internally, we agreed that for now we will keep the link where it is because it makes sense for this particular website navigation.

Today writing my blog feels like a challenge, and I’m eager to finish it so I can get back to the website design. I’m grateful to have so many talented people around to give helpful feedback, even when I initially have some resistance to it.