I Always Wanted To Be An Actor: A Metaphorical Blog

I was always intrigued by the idea of assuming a different personality. What fun it would be to take that to the extreme, almost becoming another person, like in the movie Freaky Friday, and find out what the world looks like from a different perspective.

Well, in some way, I get to do that at DDA, when I work on files that have been designed by someone else.

Yesterday I updated a website designed by someone else, so that the menu looks more bold and prominent. DDA did not design this website, but we do updates and some maintenance. It may have been created a couple of years ago, when the average screen resolution was lower (800 x 600), because as the average screen resolution has increased to 1024 x 768, type appears smaller.

I generally use a slightly larger font size now when designing websites, because it’s easier to read at a higher screen resolution. So, in a way, I got to be an actor for a day.

The website was the stage-set, and from there I got to improvise a script!