Ideas Come In Unexpected Ways

One thing I like about working at DDA, is the diversity of clients and projects that they attract. But sometimes clients and even DDA’s internal staff suggest ideas and make design requests that not only do I not see, but initially want to completely reject!

Outside of DDA, looking for ideas is a harmonious, abundant process. I’m always scanning what is around me, in the form of media, advertisements, shadows on the pavement, or the colors and shapes of a landscape on a hike. I get to decide what I like and what I don’t like.

However, following an idea I am initially resistant too is just as, or even more rewarding. I invariably find that the process of incorporating this kind of request from a client has a way of making me do things I’d never do on my own, and stretching my creative limits. In the end both the client and I are more satisfied than before.