Is Getting in the Zone Nature or Nuture?

Several years ago when I moved, I left my cat Purrzone with my friend because of mild allergies that over time resulted in chronic asthma. Over the years Purrzone had several other cats move in with her, and she gradually became antisocial and skitterish because the other cats bossed her around. Eventually she spent most of the time hiding, and she stopped approaching people. To get her away from this environment, my friend Andre adopted her, and after many years of not seeing Purrzone, I’ve enjoyed getting reaquainted with her. She follows Andre everywhere, she bouncily meows as she runs down the stairs to greet him whenever he comes home, she crawls into his lap every time he sits down, or she lies on him when he lies down. You would never know she was the same cat as one month ago. I am amazed how much a change in her environment has affected her behaviour. Many people think that most cats are antisocial and fickle, but this has never been my experience. It makes me wonder what other kinds of stresses animals experience that humans are unaware of, attributing their behaviour to their nature.

Thinking of Purrzone helps me appreciate the healthy environment at DDA. The reason that DDA can offer phenomenol service to clients is because everyone is operating in their capacity with each other, and our overall diverse expertise allows dda to offer comprehensive service and guidance to clients wanting to market their products and services. Companies learn they can rely on dda to fill their needs in many areas, whether it’s a creating an instructional video for a unique medical device, getting a healthcare IT website implemented quickly, or creating a suite of literature for sales agents, patient distribution, or other target audiences. Working with DDA  takes clients out of stress and anxiety and puts them in the Purr Zone!