Jet Lag

This time of year, the sun shines until 3 a.m. in Sweden, then dims down to a low twilight, until about 6 a.m.  The bright sunlight, plus being active during the day, made transitioning to the time change fairly easy.

Glad that I had a day off for July 4th on my arrival back to the U.S., I thought I would be productive, tackle unpacking, and get everything ready for the week. Instead I found that I felt quite spacey, and that every time I sat down I had the overwhelming urge to go to sleep. Giving in to jet lag, I ended up sleeping deeply much of of the day.

The military has come up with a very successful anti jet lag diet. They found that exercising, plus eating certain foods and fasting helps reset the metabolic processes and diminishes jet lag. Interesting, but not something I would have been eager to follow in a new country, surrounded by opportunities to try local specialties like lavender ice cream.

I ate more often than intended in Sweden and Norway — it seems to be a Scandinavian thing to feed people when they take a tour. We went on a forest tour, and much to our surprise, it ended with a fire, hot dogs, chocolate, and coffee. Same thing on a kayaking trip down the fjords. We stopped on an island in the middle of the trip, where the tour guide created a fire and cooked huge pork chops, hot pasta and sauce with vegetables, and grilled bread. Quite a lot more than the “snacks” we were expecting from the brochure descriptions.

It’s one day later and I feel totally normal again. I’m ready to tackle an interactive DVD interface for quality bells, an intranet interface, a sellsheet, adding optimization paragraphs to a website, and creating a website design for shelving installations. Now that’s a pretty good diet to get back into the groove!