Live Video Streaming As An Educational Tool

Today, I got my teeth cleaned at lunch, and I was amazed that the receptionist recognized me after almost two years. When I returned to work, Elizabeth asked how my appointment was, and when I told her they recognized me, she said to keep going to them! DDA recognizes excellent service, like that provided by my dentist, because that is what we offer. And she said to use my yearly dental reimbursement instead of letting two years go by. I am blessed with good teeth, but she’s right — I shouldn’t take them for granted.

Jake, a videographer here at DDA, videotaped a man, a recovering drug user, who volunteered to show what can happen when teeth are neglected. The video will be used as a 15 minute presentation for lectures, in particular, as an educational training tool showing tooth restoration procedures. When completed, it can also be used as an a live streaming video for online viewing.

Seeing the condition of this man’s teeth was a more powerful means of communication than words alone. Jake, who is young and has great teeth, was scared into going to the dentist not only once a year, but twice, after seeing the extreme effects of dental neglect. Medical video streaming and medical webcasts are powerful tools for educationing medical students and professionals.