Logo And Website Coordination

I’m looking forward to starting a logo design today. It will be coordinated with a website DDA is doing for the same company, so we decided to create both the logo and the website at the same time.

The logo is for a parent company, and then I will design another logo for one of it’s child companies. I think designing the logo concurrently with the website will make the logo design process more efficient.

At least, this was my experience previously, when I designed a logo specifically to go with a website. That company did not have an official logo, so instead of using plain text for their company name, I created an unofficial logo that worked aesthetically with the website design that they chose. To see the website and logo click here.

But before that, I’m going to start another CD-ROM video interface design for a medical company, then onto a sell sheet. But first I’ll get some strawberry tea.

As I walk through the office to the kitchen, I can see what Jake is working on. His monitor and my monitor are projected onto big screens in the middle of the office, so clients walking through can see our work in action.

Right now, he’s working on morphing videos introductions of all the DDA staff, from the illustrated faces that Melissa created, into talking videos. Usually, when I walk by I see a still shot of one us onscreen, in the middle of talking, with a very funny looking expression. I can’t wait to see all of the videos, which will be posted on the Meet DDA page of our website.

Especially, Indie (Laurence’s dog), who was videotaped doing one of his favorite things at DDA, eating peanut butter. I hope Jake gives him barking subtitles!